WireStack 3.8.0

P2P file sharing client for your computer

WireStack is a new P2P file sharing client that includes several characteristics that provide a better downloading experience. This application is based on one of the most popular P2P software programs, Limewire. WireStack makes any task related to music, games, images, movies, and document downloads much easier. This application provides you access to a large community with millions of users sharing files around the world, thanks to support for the Gnutella protocol. WireStack includes a group feature that classifies users according to the files they are searching for. One group, for example, may be composed by users that are only interested in downloading and uploading music files. The program has a fast installation process, and a simple user interface. All you need to do is enter the desired file names, and your search results will be displayed in no time. This application includes file previews, an intuitive interface, dynamic querying, and an advanced system for locating rare files. Search your music by title, artist, genre and several other search parameters. WireStack is the best choice for your P2P downloads.

User reviews about WireStack

  • dexx01

    by dexx01

    "Awesome sharing program!"

    Great software.It`s a must have for any p2p user!!Recommended! I have tried many other products of this type and when i... More.

    reviewed on July 12, 2010